I’m not very concerned about the match against Latvia, says Dockal

Last time in the contest, Dočkal did not change the penalty in May 2008. At that time he played for Liberec, who was in Sparta with his home cup final. And paradoxically against Letenský, Dočkal did not score from the penalty spot in the final shot.

“At that time, I was nineteen, so it was an unpleasant moment. I did not want to hear about the penalties for a year, it was quite a while to me, “he said. The penalty kicks went to Liberec and Norwegian Rosenborg Trondheim, now in this discipline the number one in Sparta Prague.

“I think I have prerequisites to change the penalty.I have a certain position in the team that I should not be hiding for someone else and I should have the responsibility to take on myself. When it came to Lafi (Lafata) not giving up and let me go there, I do not see why I would not go any further when I manage to change it. “

The Czech free bets representation still qualifies for the European Championship 2016 did not shoot the penalty kick, he did not know who would go to him. The traditional executioner is defender Michal Kadlec, but the Spartan midfielder would not be “ten” defenders.

“Now I say I dare. But on the pitch, I might feel like it’s crazy to go to the penalty.Now I think I’m ready and I would go, “says the Slavian of Prague.” Dočkal is still the best Czech shooter in the course of his qualifying, he scored in three of four matches in the fall. But I do not feel much more pressure about it.

“Have I knocked my whip that I have to score goals all the time? Not that. I was part of a team that was successful in the autumn, and I was doing well in the shooting. But I do not feel pressure that my betting app mobile goals are waiting for me. I’m waiting for myself to help the team as much as possible. “

Playing full defense?It will not be a problem

The national team will be playing in the fifth qualifying duel on Saturday, this time with the selection of coach Pavel Vrba to play against Latvia, which last succumbed to the Netherlands 0-6. On the other hand, the Czech team has won all of its previous matches, so the group A has twelve points as the first place.

“The situation is better than we all could have imagined before starting the qualification. Against Latvia we are the first favorite for the first time. We all feel that the points we’ve played would be a pity not to confirm, “Dockal realizes. Although Latvia is expected to play in a defeated defensive block, Duckal is not afraid of conquering an opponent’s defense.

“I see a shift in the style of our representation.It should not be a problem for us to play in full defense, as it used to be before the Czech team failed to deal with the teams that had just stumbled and defended. A lot of game elements are automated, and we are able to create a chance for full defense. That’s why I do not have much concern about the match. “

If the Czechs win against Latvia and get three points, the goal in the form of the EURO will be closer.